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Frequently asked questions
What is uMETER?
uMETER is a service platform designed to help anyone optimize their energy consumption, reduce the ecological footprint and diminish monthly expenses with energy.

How does uMETER work?
uMETER is part of the value chain of Smartgrids, providing a link between local consumption and the consumer. Through a smart meter or other power sensors, uMETER obtains, in a secure way, accurate and real-time information about your energy consumption. The other uMETER services exploit this information in order to enable consumers to analyze and study their consumption habits, and have access to a set of tools designed to help saving the environment and reduce their monthly energy charges. All uMETER services are accessible through the Internet or through applications specifically designed for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices, avoiding the need for unnecessary costs related to the acquisition of specific equipment. You can check the compatibility of your smartphone with uMETER application here.

What equipment do I have to buy?
The intention of uMETER application is to allow all people to have access to high quality services at a low cost by avoiding the purchase of specific equipment that quickly can become obsolete. The advanced technological platform that supports uMETER can be used by any smartphone to access its services, thus avoiding the need to acquire dedicated displays or panels to install in your home or office. In addition to saving money uMETER thus allows access to all services anywhere, anytime by implementing a technologically updated device, as opposite to having to purchase more equipment specially designed for home environment that will become obsolete quickly, and that will only work when you are at home.

Who can access my data?
All data on consumption and consumer that are collected and maintained by uMETER are only accessible by the consumer himself or by others that the consumer has authorized for this purpose. uMETER intends to involve the whole family or team, on a joint effort to enhance and allow sparing on your home or office. Therefore, when duly authorized, several family or team members can access these services and start contributing positively to the energy saving and environmental improvement.

What do I need to use uMETER?
uMETER collects consumption data via smart meters or power sensors. So if you have a smart meter, you can use your smartphone to access your information directly on the consumer meter, or use your WiFi network and your internet connection to deliver all information to uMETER data center. If you do not have a smart meter, you can contact your energy supplier to request its installation, or you can install an uMETER energy sensor. To learn how to get uMETER sensors, please contact us.

How can I join uMETER?
Joining uMETER is simple and free, and you can do it here right now. With your membership you will have access to an initial package of uMETER services, allowing you to start saving immediately. To this end, all you have to configure is the access to your intelligent uMETER counter or to your uMETER sensors.

How much does uMETER cost?
uMETER was designed to allow all people to contribute to an energy efficiency and environmental improvement, regardless of their financial capacity. Thus, uMETER provides an initial package of services totally free, which will allow the consumer to explore and analyze their consumption via Internet or smartphone. In the near future, uMETER will provide advanced services that will enable the consumer to obtain a greater help optimizing energy consumption, gain control over their electronic equipment and micro-production, and to take better advantage of its electric vehicles.